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What do I as a 

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You have made a decision, you want to become a better version of yourself.

You realise that you can increase your quality of life via easy to use inspirational cards.

myDeck’n’I can help you.

Easy to get started 1

The app is free of charge to download.

There are no start up charges nor monthly charges.

It is free of charge to create an account.

Easy to get started 2

Inside the app:

  1. Go to ”Search & follow” and find your coach.
  2. Tap on coach icon and the coach’s deck of cards will show.
  3. Pre-view the deck of cards before you decide to buy.

It is that easy!

And you only pay for the deck of cards you want to use.

Find new coaches

myDeck’n’I is for different types of experts. Each in their own area.

At the marketplace The Plaza you may find new life changing coaches.

Filter the market place based on popularity, categories, language or price.

You can also filter based on ”others who likes what I like also likes…”.

You can follow any coach.

You can pre-view any deck of cards.

You can read more about the deck of cards and about the coach and their area of expertise.

Create a new habit – basics

myDeck’n’I is committed to help you create a new habit.

You can only create a new habit if you practise over time.

Our goal is to keep you motivated and make you stay on track.

Create a new habit – help 1

When it is time to do read your Daily Inspiration, myDeck’n’I sends a notification to you according to a pre-set schedule.

You may change the schedule at any time to your convenience.

Create a new habit – help 2

When you open the notification an inspirational card will show.

We call this service ”Friendly reminder”.

Other great features

Share your experience

You may share the app experience with your family and friends.

They might also like to ”upgrade” their life?

Telling others may also help you stay motivated and committed to reach your goal.

Other great features

Imcoming/outgoing (1/2)

The coach can send you a personal deck of cards.

These deck of cards will reach you via the Incoming/outgoing service.

Other great features

Incoming/outgoing (2/2)

If the coach updates her deck of cards at The Plaza, and it is an deck of cards you have bought as well as downloaded, then you may update the deck via the update service.

Other great features

Create your own deck of cards

You may create your own personal deck of cards.

The app supports you with royalty free background music, photos, images, fonts, etc via the resource market.

If you like you can share your own personal deck of cards with family and friends.